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The Co-Packing Services You Need

From 100 gallons to truck loads
Packed for Retail or Food Service

At FATBOY Foods we understand that the food industry is constantly changing. Since our establishment we’ve gone through various changes and have expanded our capabilities but have always remained loyal to our clientele. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our quality products and excellent service. Contact us to learn about our services and see how we can help bring your products to life with our bottling line, vertical form fill capabilities, portion control and various food service pack options. We offer small-batch value-added processing for New England growers. We can take your raw fruit and process it with a custom label using our recipes, or bring us your custom recipe and we will get you on the shelf. Marinara, Salsa, Pizza Sauce, Dices Tomatoes, Applesauce and more...

an applesauce with apples on a wooden ta

Our Patent Pending Process for Making Applesauce

Quit possibly the best in the world

Image by Dennis Klein

A Trusted Source for Some of New England's Finest Restaurants, Retailers, and Institutions

Your Trusted Co-Packer

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